Arietta of Spirits

Arietta of Spirits


Follow Arietta on her journey to unveil the mysteries of the Spirit Realm!

Arietta of Spirits is a charming adventure game with emotion-filled narrative, no-filler gameplay, and fast paced combat. The game tells the story of Arietta and her family, visiting their Grandmother’s cabin for the first time after her passing away a year prior. However, the family trip takes an unexpected turn when Arietta meets a mysterious new friend and gains the ability to see strange spirits that inhabit the island.


| Publisher : RED ART GAMES Platform : Nintendo Switch |
| Developer : Third Spirit Games Origin : eShop |
| Genre : Action / Adventure / RPG Title ID : 0100E95015392000 |
| Date : January 2022 Format : 11x50MB / NSP |

Notes: Update v1.2.8.0 (v131072) is included. Firmware 13.0.0 and master key 9.1 are required.



English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese and Chinese.



Explore a mysterious island with lush forests, murky caverns and dark secrets
Beautiful retro-styled pixel graphics and inspiring original soundtrack
Meet fascinating characters and discover the deep lore
Fight a wide range of enemies in reaction based combat
Easy to approach game mechanics, suitable for everyone








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