Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies

Bai Qu: Hundreds of Melodies


As springtime blossoms, a new friendship blooms.

While visiting his sick father, college student Wei Qiuwu accidentally encountered a girl playing a concertina.

Though unlikely at first, Wei Qiuwu becomes a good friend of Li Jiayun, the musician. Both of them act as an indispensable tune in each other’s life.

Until one day someone unveils to Wei Qiuwu the cruel truth hidden under a fairy-tale cover…


Release Year July 09, 2021
Genre Adventure
Developer Magenta Factory
Publisher Adventure, Simulation
Image Format NSP
Game Version 1.0
Required firmware 12.0.2



Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese



* A storyline of 8 to 12 hours,
* Multiple routes and endings.
* There is no absolute “right/wrong choice”, different endings contain different meanings.
* Delicate and realistic background pictures, field recorded ambient sound.
* Over 20 wonderful background music tracks, which include varieties of music genres.
* An extraordinary story, themed with love and caring in an ordinary slice of daily life.







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