Battle Kid 1+2 NSW-iND

Battle Kid 1+2 NSW-iND


Dr. Tina Byers, a scientist working for the Disch Corporation, receives word that a group of creatures of unknown origin are taking over the base and building the Supermech, a kind of robot with numerous weapons systems in the Il-Akab fortress, where the wizard race once lived. Fearing that this Super Mech may become a threat, Dr. Byers informs you, the protagonist, Timmy of this and gives a prototype for a combat suit. In this suit, Timmy travels there in his spaceship to stop production of the Super Gear.


Release Year Aug 07, 2020
Genre Platformer, Action, Adventure
Developer Sivak Games
Publisher Cpasjuste
Image Format NSP
Game Version 4.4
Required firmware 10.1.0






The release is based on the homebrew pnes-4.4_switch , port emulator open the NES Nestopia from Cpasjuste , as well as two original homebrew games by Sivak Games is . In addition to these games, you can also play any other NES / homebrew game by placing the ROM with it in the / pnes / roms / folder . The menu is called by simultaneously pressing “+” and “-“.
How to install:

Unzip into the microSD root.
Install the pNes Nestopia_05C992BE824A0000 NSP file in any convenient way.





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