Construction Site Driver 2

Construction Site Driver 2
We hope you don’t suffer from “vertigo”. You’ll need a good head for heights in Construction Site Driver 2! Take on loads of intense construction site driving and parking missions in 7 Mega Heavy Duty Trucks. Moving cranes, narrow platforms and tricky surfaces await!


Release Date October 21, 2022
Image Format NSP
Game Version 1.0
Required firmware 14.1.2



▶ HEAVY: Drive & Park 7 Mega Trucks
▶ EXTREME: Take on the most EXTREME Missions ever devised! Can you survive them all?
▶ REALISTIC: Stunning environment and realistic physics put your pants on the seat!
▶ VERTIGO: Don’t be afraid of heights! It won’t “really” hurt if you fall
▶ IMMERSIVE: Multiple camera views including First Person view

Experience the most extreme parking scenarios ever! Negotiate high platforms and even take a ride on moving cranes to reach the highest heights! You’ll need to take care that you don’t fall but keep your speed up to earn the best medals for your performance. The trucks are strong, but the Site Foreman won’t appreciate you wrecking!

Stunning detailed map with tons of details, real-time lighting and animated cranes to transport your trucks from place to place – a first for any Parking game! Welcome to the most thrilling Parking game ever!



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