Dying Light Platinum Edition

Dying Light Platinum Edition



Rove an infected world where only the strongest will make it. Master your combat skills to fight monsters of all kinds, both human and the undead. Parkour through the roofs, craft weapons, and help other survivors while you’re confronting your own nightmares!

Now you can enjoy Dying Light to the fullest with the richest version of the acclaimed open world zombie survival game. Containing four DLCs and seventeen skin bundles, Dying Light: Platinum Edition brings together everything you need to explore all the post-apocalyptic world has to offer. Drive across Harran, as you spread carnage in your buggy, face and survive Bozak’s trials, explore new quarantine zones, and enjoy plenty of new skins and weapons!

Want to take your experience to a whole new level? Check out the available Nintendo Switch features and step up your game. Boost your accuracy with gyro aiming, rediscover the thrill of fighting with motion controls—swinging your weapons has never been more fun—and immerse even deeper in Dying Light with HD Rumble vibrations. You’ll also navigate the interface at ease thanks to the touchscreen support. And the best thing is, you can do all that and more while playing with your friends in local or online co-op. The former allows you to enjoy the game together simply by placing two consoles next to each other. Couldn’t be any easier!


Game Type……….: Action, Adventure
Region………….: Europe
Languages……….: Multi 15
Release Date…….: 2021-10-18
Street Date……..: 2021-10-19
Backup Format……: XCI
Size/Format……..: 16 GB
Orginal…………: Retail Cartridge
Version…………: v1.0.0 (v0)
Required.FW……..: 12.0.0
Tested with……..: Atmosphere 1.1.1 & FW 13.0.0
Titel ID………..: 01008C8012920000 [v0]



English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Korean, Polish, Thai, Turkish, Czech, Chinese and Japanese.



Dying Light – the full award-winning game.

Dying Light: The Following – a huge expansion complete with a new story, vast original map, and a customizable buggy to drive.

Dying Light: Bozak Horde – a challenging game mode with its own side story.

Cuisine & Cargo – two additional quarantine zones.

Ultimate Survivor Bundle – exclusive weapons and outfits.

Hellraid – a new game mode in a dark-fantasy setting.

A large collection of skins and weapons that will make slaughtering zombies even more fun:

Crash Test skin pack ⧫ 5th Anniversary bundle ⧫ Harran Ranger bundle ⧫ Gun Psycho bundle ⧫ Volatile Hunter bundle ⧫ White Death bundle ⧫ Vintage Gunslinger bundle ⧫ Rais Elite bundle ⧫ Godfather bundle ⧫ Harran Inmate bundle ⧫ Retrowave bundle ⧫ SHU Warrior bundle ⧫ Volkan Combat Armor bundle ⧫ Classified Operation bundle ⧫ Viking: Raiders of Harran bundle ⧫ Harran Tactical Unit bundle


How to import savegame from PC for Disco Elysium To Switch

1.) Install base and update.
2.) Start the game and get to the main menu.
3.) Start a new game and just choose any character type to proceed.
4.) Quickly skip the first dialogue until you can move around, save the game and quit it.
5.) Get JKSV if you haven’t already and create a backup of your new game.
6.) Copy the savegame to your PC and go to the SaveSlots folder inside the savegame backup.
7.) There will be a folder with a random ID and inside there are three files: a jpg, a json and a zip.
8.) Copy your PC savegame to the previously mentioned folder and rename your jpg and zip to the names of the new one.
9.) Open the json file and edit the lines “fileName” and “title” to match your own savegame’s actual name (which it had before).
10.) Copy over the new files back to your SD and replace the old ones, then restore your savegame in JKSV.








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