Geometric Feel the Beats

Geometric Feel the Beats
Inspired by a space theme and with touches of “Tron” (we love this movie!) the game is fun and competition accompanied by frantic music.

Don’t like dying over and over again? Then your problems are over!


Publisher : QUByte Interactive Platform : Nintendo Switch
Developer : YAW Studios Origin : eShop
Genre : Shooter / Arcade / Action Title ID : 0100A7601889A000
Date : November 2022 Format : 27x50MB / NSP

Notes: Firmware 14.1.2 is required.

English and Portuguese.

In “Geometric Feel The Beat” you don’t have to worry about that, you have fun fulfilling the missions and accumulate points. The accumulated rank points are not just for you to show others your rank, they are also used to buy your ship’s upgrades. Rating points can make you use the rating, so be careful when buying, but buying upgrades makes your life in the game easier. Here you decide!

Watch out for the Power ups that are in the level, they are accompanied by big surprises!

– Adventure: Perfect for “lone wolves”, in this mode each stage is made up of two missions. You will have fun discovering new “AIs” and finding ways to overcome them.
– Co-op: In co-op mode you start from scratch again. It doesn’t take into account your advancement, upgrades or adventure mode ranking, but it has one crucial difference…YOU
– PVP: Who doesn’t like to compete against a friend? In this mode, hitting the opponent gives you an advantage, he will be paralyzed for a few seconds while you complete your mission!



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