Machi Knights Blood Bagos NSW-WiiERD

Machi Knights Blood Bagos NSW-WiiERD


You must stop the evil organization of Kenos from reviving a terrible long-lost weapon known as Bagos the Giant!

In order to secure victory you’ll take control of Machi Knights, ancient war machines built by the Babilacca, an ancient civilization which fell into ruin long ago.


Release Date: 2019/11/18
Platform: Nintendo Switch
Origin: eShop
Title ID: 0100F2400D434000
System Version: 6.2.0
Masterkey: 6.2.0
Filename: w-mkba.rxx
Files: 44x100MB



German, English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese



・Multiplayer Mode – Invite a friend to join you in some hardcore RPG action!

・Unreal Engine 4 – The pounding steampunk visuals are gloriously rendered using the latest Unreal technology!

・In-Depth Story – Stage by stage you’ll unravel the mysteries of these ancient technologies!

・Custom Gameplay – Experiment with new Machi Knight equipment to change your gameplay style!

・Unique Challenges – Each stage has its own set of enemies and colossal bosses!

New Game+ – Unlock new content after clearing the game and take on even greater challenges!







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