My Secret Pets! NSW-iND

My Secret Pets! NSW-iND


Your beloved pets have transformed into hot guys?!An exciting story of cohabitating with some thrilling animal men.


Release Year April 30, 2020
Genre Adventure, Simulation
Developer D3Publisher
Publisher D3Publisher
Image Format NSP
Game Version 1.0



Japanese, English, Chinese



This is a romance game for women where you live with your pets who have suddenly transformed into attractive men. You’ll spend seven days with your pets, who love you devotedly. Are they your pets or are you becoming the pet?! Your exciting reverse-harem cohabitation with these animal men is about to begin!

Available in Japanese, English, and Simplified Chinese.

The Story
When you return home rejected the evening after being broken up with by your boyfriend, waiting for you are four handsome men…who are actually your pets! Cue a fierce battle for the love of their beloved (former) owner — you! But watch out for the reappearance of your ex…







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