Ochaken No Heya DS v01 JPN NDS-PUSSYCAT

Ochaken No Heya DS v01 JPN NDS-PUSSYCAT


This is an incredibly cute pet simulator featuring the Ocha-Ken (tea dog) line of characters. It plays similarly to “Nintendogs” with the stylus interaction and voice commands that series is known for, but also has plenty of minigames that you play with the dogs (and cats) in order to win items which you can place inside and outside of your house. These items range from flooring and wallpaper to flowers, toys, teas, and many others with which your pet(s) can interact with.


Release Date: Release Size: System:
2018-10-07 03 x 05 MByte Nintendo DS

Rom Code: Full Rom Size: Region:
NTR-AOCJ-JPN 128 Mbit Japan

NOTE: Ochaken_no_Heya_DS_JPN_NDS-WRG was an older revision






The main draw is to see how your animals will react to the items (in the form of a cute animation. Some of the mini games you’ll experience are: “Old Maid”, “Sevens”, “Poker”, a sliding-puzzle, a ring toss game, a “Red Light/Green Light”-type game…among many others. Fans of the show and toys will immediately recognize the sounds that the dogs and cats make.
This all makes for a stress-free and enjoyable gaming experience.





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