Princess Maker Go!Go! Princess NSW-iND

Princess Maker Go!Go! Princess NSW-iND


The elements of the Princess Maker series remain intact!

The ability status is up through various events, training, and part-time jobs in the field!

Rival, study, part-time job and love….

The tumultuous eight years will begin on the board!


Release Year Dec 23, 2019
Genre Board Game, Multiplayer, Simulation, Strategy
Developer CFK
Publisher CFK
Image Format NSP
Game Version 1.0



English, Japanese, Korean



Only the dice knows the destiny!
Uzu and Cube The navigator to help your daughter.
Throw a dice and go on an adventure with the friend who will decide your daughter’s fate!

The desperate competition to take a step closer to the prince!
There are more than 100 various events waiting on the road.
There will also be a confrontation that can’t be backed down for a happy future!

Support to play with up to 4 players, Princess Maker Go! Go! Princess
Who will become a princess?







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