Rocket League Ultimate Edition NSW-VENOM

Rocket League Ultimate Edition NSW-VENOM


Welcome to the Rocket League arena, where football and driving collide! |

Winner or nominee of more than 150 ‘Game of the Year’ awards, Rocket League is a high-powered hybrid of arcade soccer and driving With rewarding physics-based gameplay. Take to the pitch for a
fully-featured offline season mode, multiple game types, casual and competitive online matches, and special ‘Mutators’ that let you change the rules entirely.


| Publisher: Warner Bros. Platform: Nintendo Switch |
| Developer: Psyonix Origin: Europe |
| Genre: Sports / Racing Game ID: 01005EE0036EC000 |
| Size: 16GB Cartridge Serial: LA-H-ADMMC |: Date: August 2018 Format: 65x150MB / XCI |



English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese



| Rocket League Ultimate Edition includes: |
| |
| * Rocket League Game |
| * Chaos Run DLC |
| * Revenge of the Battle-Cars DLC |
| * Supersonic Fury DLC |
| * Aftershock, Esper, Marauder, Masamune, Proteus, Triton and Vulcan |
| DLC Battle-Cars |
| * Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Car Pack |
| * DC Super Heroes DLC Pack |






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