Sloop Game Boy Advance Emulator by Nintendo

Sloop Game Boy Advance Emulator by Nintendo


Game Boy Advance (jap. ゲームボーイアドバンス Ge: mu Bo: y Adobansu, abbreviated as GBA) is a 32-bit portable gaming system from Nintendo. It is the “successor” of the Game Boy Color.


Release Year April 21, 2022
Genre Emulator
Developer & Publisher Nintendo & tits pro
Image Format NSP Homebrew
Game Version 0.7.200819orL8R
Required firmware 13.2.1






Its specifications:

Processor: 32-bit arm7tdmi at 16.78 MHz; Sharp LR35902 coprocessor
RAM: 32 KB, 256 KB external RAM
Video RAM: 96 KB
Drives: cartridges 4-32 MB.
Screen: TFT, 240×160 pixels, 32,768 colors, diagonal 74 mm.
Sound: Dual 8-bit DAC for stereo sound (Direct Sound)
Controls: D-pad (+), L and R shifts, A and B buttons, SELECT, START.

Sloop leaked GBA Emulator for Nintendo Switch

The release is based on a console merged from the devkit , possibly the official Nintendo GBA emulator planned in the future under the code name “Sloop” (sloop). This version with integrated games is built by the TITS Pro community ; The distribution also includes separately translated The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap by Zelda64RUS v1.0 dated October 2013 via LayeredFS-mod.
To install it, copy the atmosphere subfolder from the “Custom game LFS Mod” folder, then in the Single-player games (1P) emulator menu, launch the Drill Dozer game.
In order to play your own games, replace the DrillDozer_e.gba file with the ROM you need and optionally the Title.png icon at /atmosphere/contents/05008BF00A1C8000/romfs/Sloop-Demo/DrillDozer_e/ without changing their names .





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