Space Tail – Every Journey Leads Home

Space Tail – Every Journey Leads Home
Every journey changes the point of view – it grows with the traveller. Our game tells a story about self-exploration, transformation and understanding the world around us.


Date: Nov. 2022
System: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action
Publisher: Red Deer Games
Title ID: 0100C37019BC2000
Version: eShop
Format: NSP
Size: 55×50


English, French, German, Spanish

The plot of the game is inspired by real events, when people began their conquest of space by sending animals to the stars. We intended it to be a kind of a tribute to all the animals that paved the way for humans to go into space. Most of these animals – the first astronauts, did not survive the journey. Our story tells of the adventures of a dog named Bea, who… managed to beat the odds.

Bea is a cheerful and courageous character, but the player must remember that she is just a… dog. She has all the characteristics of a mongrel – she barks, likes to chase her own tail, and learns about the world through her senses. Bea can sniff, listen and observe. These are the main mechanics of detective mode which will help her in exploring and understanding her environment.

Bea travels through space discovering more planets. Each planet is different and has its specific inhabitants, who can either become friends of the main character or be very unfriendly towards her. We are convinced that exploring this amazing world together with Bea will give the player a lot of satisfaction and pleasure.

– Become an astronaut dog and experience an extraordinary space adventure
– Follow your canine senses to traverse expansive levels and discover secrets hidden on wondrous planets
– Communicate with extraterrestrials using a unique “dialogue system” relying solely on the dog’s body language: jump, wag your tail, bark, growl, etc.
– Enlist the help of the space companions you meet along the way – a comet and a robot – and acquire new skills like double-jump and telekinesis to move heavy objects
– Solve unusual and sophisticated logic puzzles
– Test your agility by overcoming the dangers lurking on alien planets
– Explore the intriguing and thought-provoking story of the universe
– Immerse yourself in the stirring original soundtrack
– Find the way home



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