TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge

TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge Update v1.0.2


Who is the bravest?

『TORIDAMA: Brave Challenge』is mini game collection based on the courage test.
Test your weak feeling inside of you as we say “Chicken Level” based on timing of pressing a button, level, and pitch in various kind of critical situations.


Release Year January 31, 2019
Genre Utility, Communication, Party
Developer G-MODE
Publisher G-MODE
Image Format NSP
Game Version 1.0
Required firmware 6.2.0



Japanese, English



Share play is available, so you can measure your “Chicken Level” with your friend.
All game is playable with one buttom, so it is casually play with family and many friends in a party.

What is more, Crazy mode which will be available after playing all the mini games, supports world ranking system.
Let’s challenge how your “Chicken Level” would be amang against strong opponents in the world.







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